Our latest floor scrubbing robot for smaller commercial spaces. Coming 2025 Q1.

Redefine Floor Cleaning With Mio

Mio is our latest cutting-edge 2024 release optimized for superior performance on carpeted floors. Mio effortlessly brushes away dirt and efficiently tackles various contaminants, ensuring a flawlessly clean and inviting space. Witness the joy of your customers and employees as they observe Mio in action, consistently delivering exceptionally clean results.


01 Auto water exchange
Using Uniring’s AI technology, Mio provides an effortlessly automatic water exchange system allowing for minimal human intervention.
02 Suitable for Narrow Areas
Mio is designed for cleaning narrow areas. Mio is able to pass through pathways as narrow as 80cm.
03 Roller Cleaning
Mio can effortlessly handle larger paper trim waste and efficiently brushes away dirt using its roller brush.
04 Best for Carpeted Floors
Mio is perfect for carpet cleaning within hotels and offices but remains versatile enough to effectively clean hard floors. Coming 2025 Q1.