About Uniring

A leading manufacturer of autonomous cleaning robots

Making Robots a Part of Your Team

Established in 2011 by a team of young robotic engineers, Uniring specializes in automating commercial floor cleaning and security robots through advanced navigation solutions. We offer a more efficient approach to cleaning and securing properties, leveraging core technologies such as indoor navigation, environment sensing, and optimizing floor-cleaning strategies. Discover career opportunities with us!
"Driven by passion to meet your needs, fortified by the trust earned through AllRing Tech".

Our parent company, All-Ring Tech (ART), founded in 1996, mainly focuses on providing high-end technology automation equipment for semiconductor, passive components and LED manufacturing process.

Our Journey

Uniring was founded!
Uniring developed household floor cleaning robots
Uniring evolved into industrial floor-cleaning robots
Uniring commercialized these cleaning robots
Uniring developed the Security Robot
Uniring established a US subsidiary

Meet the Team

Each member of our diverse and dedicated team brings unique skills, passion, and expertise to the table.

Jerry Lu
West Coast Director
Claire Wang
East Coast Director
Daniel Yi-Chian Liao
Software Engineer Intern
Dr. Liu
Founder, CEO
Elaine Lu
Business Development Manager

Hear from our customers

"MAX is the perfect assistant for keeping your lobby stone floor sparkling"

"We rely on MAX for cleaning our factory floors, and it also takes care of carpet cleaning."

"Dust on the floor is completely eliminated, ensuring the safety of personnel with no more slipping hazards."

"With automated scheduling, the floor is cleaned twice a day, ensuring that stubborn oil stains are permanently removed."

Our Achievements

We take great pride in achieving ISO 9001 Certifications, which acknowledge our exceptional management systems and unwavering commitment to information security. This certification affirms our dedication to delivering top-notch design, manufacturing, supply, and service of autonomous floor scrubbing machines.